With a little work, you can write a great letter to your local paper Just like these:

Vickie Sandell Stangl — OK to speak at church but can’t electioneer

Abby Raphael — The Potential Effects of Repealing the Johnson Amendment

How To Write a Letter to the editor

  • Find a local publication and read up on its rules for submitting letters to the editor. Be sure to check the newspaper’s website.

  • Every publication varies slightly on rules for length as well as how to submit.

  • In general, the submission should be 200-300 words. Less is fine, more is unlikely to get printed.

  • Be clear, concise and to the point.

  • Use the talking points as a guide, but try to rephrase them in your own words. If a publication gets multiple letters that sound similar, they will not print them all.

  • Even if a newspaper likes your letter, know that it may still be edited for clarity or grammar.

  • Sign your name. Most publications do not allow anonymous submissions.

  • If you want to write an op-ed instead of a letter to the editor, then your draft should be close to 700 words. Bear in mind that op-eds are much harder to get published.