September 23 - 30, 2016

This week is an important opportunity for all of us who care about religious freedom.

This election season, the extreme Religious Right will continue its years-long fight to make houses of worship in the United States centers for partisan politics. Allowing this would undermine the integrity of religion as well as democracy. 

As a response, Americans United
is launching a Week of Action.


The Week of Action will provide opportunities for us to educate and engage faith communities and congregations on the importance of maintaining
church-state separation as well as the integrity of religion.



If you are a part of a faith community, you can share these Week of Action bulletin inserts (English or Spanish) with your congregations this weekend.

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Join with us for a Facebook Live Discussion on Tuesday, September 27 at 3 pm Eastern as the Americans United Executive Director Rev. Barry Lynn, AU Staff, and several clergy leaders hold a roundtable discussion about these issues. We will talk about how houses of worship can remain free from partisan politics while engaging in important social justice issues to protect religious freedom for all. Let us know you if you can participate, and feel free to submit a question you would like to ask the panel to address!

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Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper urging Congress AGAINST a repeal of the Johnson Amendment. Find out more about the Johnson Amendment here.

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